We don’t just buy ugly houses

We understand that many people think that we only buy ugly houses. That’s just not true. As much as we love to buy houses that require a full blown renovation, we also buy houses that need little to no work at all. Check out the what we buy page to learn a little more about what we buy, but generally speaking, we buy all types of real estate. Big and small, old and new, pretty and well… un-pretty, and everything in between. Sometimes there’s more to real estate than meets the eye, potential exists in every house we purchase. Whether its a full renovation, a light remodel, or a turn-key rental property we are looking to find opportunities in the market where our hard work and experience can produce a positive outcome for us while simultaneously meeting the needs of the homeowner that’s wanting to sell us their house.

We have purchased properties with the intent of renting them out, we have purchased properties with the intention of building additions and adding square footage, and we’ve purchased properties with the intent of fixing them up and restoring them to their former glory. You may be surprised to see some of the houses we’ve purchased before, and some of the people we’ve purchased houses from. More on that later.