Who We Are

Purple Mountain HoldingsPurple Mountain Holdings, inc. is a local, family-owned business operating right here in Colorado Springs, under the shadow of Pikes Peak, the very symbol of the front range.  The name “Purple Mountain” is from the very idea of “America’s Mountain,” taken straight from our country’s strong heritage.  Representing the gateway to the west and the promise of bigger, better opportunities.  Pikes Peak is a symbol we use to portray our own gateways into change.  We understand that our clients each have different needs and goals and we’d like to think that Purple Mountain Holdings, inc. can be their gateway to bigger and better opportunities, as well.

Purple Mountain Holdings, inc. was originally established by the Jones brothers, Matthew and Andrew.  They had an early relationship with real estate in the construction industry.  Having extensive experience from a diversified viewpoints in remodeling, the Jones brothers took a chance to create their own future in remodeling houses.

We like to think of Purple Mountain Holdings, inc. as a family business.  And while the Jones brothers truly are family, the small team they have established to better serve the community have also grown into family as well.  Other than the Jones’, Purple Mountain Holdings, inc. is proud to work alongside the administrative and marketing team of Abigail and Jennifer.  The ladies of Purple Mountain Holdings, inc. are rooted firmly in Colorado. Abigail was born and raised in Colorado Springs and is an expert on the western way of life; she has a wealth of knowledge of the area that is a priceless asset to our company. Jennifer is a recent transplant from California who knows the experience of uprooting, moving and being a homeowner in Colorado Springs. Both are invaluable assets to Purple Mountain Holdings, inc.

We are real people. We are your neighbors and friends, sharing the community alongside what we hope may someday be our clients.  We take pride in our work and are committed to building a long-lasting relationship with the community that we’ve come to call home and will continue to call home for a lifetime to come.  We look forward to seeing you around!

MatthewMatthew and his wife Lauren relocated to Colorado Springs more than a decade ago with little more than an RV, a down payment for a house, and a puppy named Lewis.  Upon the first glance of Pikes Peak, towering over the horizon, they stopped the RV, drove a stake into the ground, and haven’t looked back since.  Matthew and Lauren have engaged the Colorado lifestyle without hesitation.  Camping, fishing, hunting, atv’ing, hiking, and even cutting wood to heat their home are all favorite activities of the Jones family.  They now share their home with two daughters Emma (6) and Sally (4) as well as a few more furry friends Molly and Harvey.

AndrewAndrew decided to leave the busy engineering life on the east coast to help his brother in Colorado start a new business in real estate.  After years in mechanical engineering, Andrew decided a change was in the making, seeking out a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the east coast.  A few years later, Andrew met his wife Nicole, a Pueblo native and settled down in Colorado Springs.  While you’ll find Andrew to be a true engineer, he also has a creative side, primarily playing the piano and the guitar.  Andrew and Nicole love to travel throughout Colorado for festivals, events, atv’ing, dining, and discovering new sights to see. Although, some of the adventuring has reduced since the arrival of little Jack (3). These Jones’ still know where to go, now with a few more kid-friendly suggestions!

ShaneShane, the pro.  With over 16 years of real estate experience, Shane knows real estate…Period!  Shane is happily married to Krista with 2 vibrant children, Braedyn (11) and Olivia (8), who love gymnastics, golf, and their rescue dog, Darla.  Shane has been just about everywhere and seen just about everything Colorado has to offer.  Shane is a go-go-go kind of person, always doing something, always going somewhere.  There’s a pretty good chance you’ve met Shane, or seen him around, this guy is everywhere!  Shane loves the great outdoors of Colorado, especially while ATVing, camping, hiking, and Jeeping.

Gracie was born and raised in Denver, but moved to Colorado Springs several years ago. Having worked in real estate the last four years, she is able to apply that knowledge in her role at Purple Mountain Holdings and enjoys connecting with others in a meaningful way. In her free time, you can find her at a concert, at the bowling alley, or at a brewery trying out a new local beer with her fiancé. She’s excited to help others who are looking to open a new chapter of their lives!

Shadei, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York – is an Army Veteran who has been in Colorado Springs since 2018 which is when she joined the Purple Mountain Holdings, inc. team. Not only does she have the best sense of humor, but she has the facial expressions to match it. She is a team player and is always eager to learn new things and step outside of her comfort zone. If she’s not at work, she is chasing around her 4-year-old newfypoo named Nori or cooking up a great meal. She loves talking to clients and building excellent relationships with them.

Together, we are Purple Mountain Holdings, inc.  We are here to help, we are here to get the job done.  Pick up the phone, or click to send us your information to get started and give us the opportunity to get to know you, you’ll be glad you did!