Five Tips to Help You Sell Your House As Is

If you need to sell your house as is, but it’s sorely outdated or needs a considerable amount of work, selling through traditional realty avenues can be challenging. Five Tips to Help You Sell Your House As IsThat’s not to say it’s impossible, but it’ll take some extra work and a hefty dose of patience on your part.

Aside from working with a realtor, you have a couple of other options for selling too. Read on to learn some of our most valuable tips for selling your as-is house without sinking a ton of money into repairs or updates.

Include “As Is” in Your Listing

If you’re set on listing your house without making any improvements whatsoever, you need to list your property “as is.” Including “as is” in your listing is a clear indication to prospective buyers that what they see is exactly what they’ll get should they decide to purchase the home.

Keep in mind that when you list a house as is, your contract will usually require an inspection contingency. That means that the buyer can walk away from the contract if an inspection of the property reveals any glaring, serious issues they’re not okay with.

You’ll also need to reconcile yourself with the fact that you’ll most likely need to settle for a lower purchase price than what you might expect. That’s especially true if one buyer exercises their right to cancel the contract under the contingency agreement and you end up having to put the house back on the market.

Work With a Knowledgeable Real Estate Agent

If you want to sell an as-is property on the open market, your best bet for achieving a successful sale is to find and work with a realtor who has experience selling as-is properties. A knowledgeable agent can advise you on the best course of action for your situation and whether selling as is is actually in your best interest.

Furthermore, if a prospective buyer comes along, and that person is working with an agent, your realtor can discuss the details with the buyer’s agent more effectively than you probably can. Since a pro has far more experience selling than you do, letting an expert handle the details is likely in your best interest.

Get an Inspection & Disclose Everything

Another option for encouraging a quick sale of your as-is home is to get a prelisting inspection and disclose everything that the inspection report reveals. If there are serious issues, you’ll have to settle for a lower asking price than you might like. But at the end of the day, that’s only fair if your buyer will have to invest in repairs after the sale.

When you disclose all the details, you can market your property as a great investment opportunity for flippers, real estate investors, and other prospective buyers who might be looking for a fixer-upper.

Make a Few Small Improvements

If you list your house as is and find yourself having difficulties connecting with interested prospects, it may be time to consider making a few small improvements. If the issues are mostly cosmetic, a new coat of paint, some new hardware, and a little attention to your curb appeal can make a big difference.

You don’t have to invest thousands into fixing the place up; even a couple hundred dollars can go a long way in terms of improving glaring aesthetic problems.

Sell to a Cash Home Buyer

Last but certainly not least, you can sell your as-is house to a cash home buyer who will purchase the property regardless of its condition. In terms of ease, taking this route is almost always the best bet for selling an as-is property.

You don’t have to get an inspection or disclose any details because the cash buyer will perform their own research on the property and conduct a home walkthrough to assess its condition.

You also won’t have to invest in any cosmetic improvements whatsoever or deal with inspection contingencies either.

A cash buyer will make you a no-obligation offer for the property in as-is condition, which reflects the projected cost of any necessary repairs as well as several other factors that affect your home’s fair market value. Once you get your offer, it’s up to you whether you’d like to accept, and should you choose to sell, you and the buyer will work out a closing timeline from there.

Once you sign the closing paperwork to transfer ownership of the property, you’ll get your cash and the deal is done. The process is super straightforward and can be completed in just a matter of days if you need to sell quickly. Given the simple nature of the transaction — depending on your needs and the condition of your house — selling to a cash home buyer may be your best choice from the get-go.

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