Problems Selling Split-Level Homes And How to Sell

The housing market, with its ever-fluctuating dynamics, often presents challenges to homeowners and realtors alike. Among the various home designs available, split-level homes, characterized by their staggered floor levels connected by short flights of stairs, offer a unique design, maximizing square footage and creating distinct living spaces. However, the intriguing design of these homes often begs the question: Why are split-level homes harder to sell? This article delves into the definition, characteristics, and underlying reasons that sometimes make these homes a tougher sell in the market.

Reasons Why Split-Level Homes are Hard to Sell 

Despite the architectural ingenuity behind split-level homes, they often present certain challenges in the real estate market. The segmented design, which once was their selling point, is now sometimes viewed as a limitation. Many modern buyers gravitate towards open-concept homes, favoring expansive spaces over the compartmentalized rooms of split levels. Additionally, the multiple short staircases can be seen as a potential deterrent for families with young children or elderly members. The perception of split-level homes lacking natural light, combined with the difficulty of renovating due to their inherent design, also factors into their decreased popularity. These combined elements, along with evolving buyer preferences, have contributed to the perceived difficulty in selling these unique homes in today’s market.

The Origin of Split-Level Homes

Split-level homes emerged as a popular architectural style in the mid-20th century. Their design, characterized by staggered floor levels usually separated by short flights of stairs, was aimed at maximizing square footage on smaller plots of land. The result was a house that offered both a ground-level living area and a semi-basement or lower level, which was partially submerged.

Challenges of Selling Split-Level Homes

Perceived Lack of Curb Appeal: Unlike ranch-style homes or other more traditional designs, split-level houses sometimes lack the immediate curb appeal potential buyers look for. The staggered design, while efficient, can seem less inviting from the street view.

Compartmentalized Layouts: The very design that defines split levels, with their distinct sections and staircases, can be off-putting to some prospective buyers. Modern home buyers often seek open floor plans which provide a feeling of space and natural light.

Furniture Placement: The unique nooks and crannies in split-level homes can pose challenges for furniture placement, making rooms sometimes feel cramped or inefficient.

Renovation Concerns: Homeowners and real estate investors looking for properties to renovate may feel limited by the structure of split-level homes. The distinct levels and staircases can pose constraints when considering large-scale renovations or updates.

Perceived Energy Inefficiency: Due to their design, split-level homes might be seen as less energy-efficient, especially when considering the heating and cooling of multiple levels.

Boosting the Appeal of Split-Level Homes

For those looking to sell, there are several strategies to enhance the appeal of split-level homes:

  • Enhance Natural Light: Ensuring ample natural light can make the home feel more open and inviting. Consider adding larger windows or skylights.
  • Open Floor Plans: If possible, consider renovations that open up the layout. This might mean knocking down a non-structural wall to create a more flowing main floor.
  • Curb Appeal: Boosting curb appeal goes a long way. Landscaping, colorful flowers, and even porches can enhance the exterior look of split-level homes.
  • Digital Marketing: With the right digital marketing strategies and real estate agents, you can highlight the unique features and benefits of split-level homes, making them attractive to a broader range of buyers.
  • Staging: Properly staging a split-level home can showcase its potential. Utilizing furniture and decor that complements the home’s design can help prospective buyers visualize themselves in the space.

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