Tips to Let Your Home Sell Itself

Home Sell ItselfYou likely know from past experience or horror stories from friends and family that selling a home is no easy chore. In fact, people often say that selling a home is far worse than buying one. We beg to differ. Here are a few tips to make selling a home easier than ever.

Start in the Kitchen

If there is a single room in your home most likely to invite a quick home sale, it’s the kitchen. Everyone converges on the kitchen. In fact, some buyers make their entire decision based on the features and size of the kitchen.

  • Clear off the top of the refrigerator and leave a single decorative item in place.
  • Remove any and all refrigerator magnets, photographs, report cards, or children’s artwork.
  • Clear off the countertops, putting all appliances out of sight, and leave a few decorative items as showpieces.
  • Remove your pot rack, as it gives the impression that your kitchen doesn’t have enough storage.
  • Remove any clutter around the kitchen sink (bottles of dish soap, rags, scrub brushes, etc.)

Repairs Are Key … Or Are They?

When you sell your home, everyone is going to tell you to make repairs and renovations. They’re expensive, though. Start small. If you really want to make repairs, consider these options:

  • Minor Repairs — Repair a dripping faucet, old carpet, or a living room wall in need of paint.
  • Insulation — Consider replacing attic insulation, which will pay for itself.
  • Front Door — Replacing a ratty front door with a steel one will wind up recuperating most of the cost when you sell.

Again, repairs are not necessary to sell your home.

If you want to avoid costly repairs and sell your house easier and faster, call Sell My House Today. You can reach us at 719-476-2727 for a cash offer within 24 hours!