Who do we buy houses from?

I bet you’d be surprised to find out some of the people who have sold us their houses. Most of the clients we work with are people just like you. While there are some extenuating circumstances that we are familiar with such as inheritance, probate, wills, foreclosure, and the like, the vast majority of people we work with aren’t in a position where they HAVE TO SELL. Some of the most common situations we run into are clients that would like to sell a house to buy another, whether that’s up sizing, down sizing, or relocation they understand the cost and risk associated with paying two mortgages and maintaining two properties. We are often the ideal solution for these people that need to payoff a mortgage in order to qualify to purchase their next house. The flexibility we have in purchasing a house really sets us apart from the rest. Not only can we buy your house, but you can stay there, rent free for a month until you’re ready to buy your next one. Need a real estate agent to help with finding your next house, we can help, and we can even get you a rebate on your purchase!

Doctors, real estate agents, published authors, investment firms, army officials; these are all people we have called clients, and on multiple occasions. There’s just a plethora of people out in the world that place a greater value on their time, effort, work, and convenience than going through the lengthy and problematic process of listing with a real estate agent and dealing with difficult buyers. Many of our clients just want to make things easier on themselves and reduce hassles, headaches, and unnecessary waiting. Wouldn’t you like to spend more time with your family, spend less time working on a house you don’t want, or focus on just about anything else in your life that needs more attention than your house? I would.