Why Should I Sell My House?

I Sell My HouseThere once was a time when people would build their home with their own two hands, and then they would live it in for their entire lives. That tradition largely ended a hundred years ago or so. Today, a house isn’t just where you live. It’s an investment. Because of that, it’s perfectly normal to sell a house and move into a new place. No doubt, you understand some of the reasons to sell your house, but if you’re feeling like you’re in housing limbo, here’s a quick list of times when you should really consider selling.

You’re Ready to Upgrade

This is the best, most exciting reason to sell your house. You’re ready to upgrade. Sometimes that just means more square footage. Other times it means the custom home of your dreams. Maybe it’s just a better school district for the kids. It doesn’t matter. There are a lot of ways to upgrade, and when your financial situation allows you to upgrade, selling your house is exciting. Ideally, you’ll be making a profit off of the sale, and you’ll be enough ahead to cover the down payment on the next house. Sometimes, you’re even better off. Regardless, embrace the sale, and make the most of this exciting time.

You’re Ready to Downgrade

Downgrading can be just as invigorating as upgrading. Sometimes, downgrading is about getting a less expensive house to help with the finances. That’s fine. Other times, it means you don’t want to have so much house to manage. Knowing that and choosing to downgrade is a great decision. When you sell your house, there’s a good chance you’re going to come out way ahead on the next one, and your finances will be simpler. You’ll also be better able to take care of the new place and have a chance to be happier all around.

You’re Struggling Financially

This is not so exciting, but it happens to the best of us. Almost everyone has run into financial trouble at some point or another. If your mortgage has become unbearable, selling your house is usually the best way out. You can conceivably sell the house for enough to settle the mortgage and have something left over. Even when that’s not the case, selling can still be the best way out of the mortgage so you’re free and clear.

You Have an Opportunity for Financial Gain

On the flip side, there are times when you can sell a house solely to make money. This is what they refer to with timing the market. If housing prices in your area have gone up, making your house worth a lot more than you paid for it, sometimes it’s best to strike while the iron is hot. You might want to sell in order to cash in on that appreciation, and that’s not an unreasonable choice. Selling in a hot market is a great way to make a bunch of money. You can use that money for your next home, and you can expand your portfolio while you’re at it.

You Have To

There are many circumstances that will force you to sell. If your job is relocating you, then you’re going to have to do something with your house. Sometimes, family situations force us to move. Selling is usually the way to go in those times. You might be up against foreclosure, or maybe a natural disaster put your home through the wringer. The list goes on. Here’s the thing to understand. No matter what situation is forcing you to relocate, selling is an option even if you don’t think it isn’t. Even when a fire burns a house to the ground, you own the land it’s on, and that land still has value. It’s tough to see options as opportunities when you’re facing a struggle, but remembering that a sale is still on the table can ultimately help you through a stressful time.

No matter which of these situations applies to you, Purple Mountain Holdings is willing to buy your house. Simply, fill out our contact form, and we’ll make an offer on your house. You can sell your house, no matter the circumstances, and you can do it in remarkably short order and with no hassle at all.