4 Tips for Selling Your House Quickly

4 Tips for Selling Your House Quickly

If you’re ready to sell your house, you have a lot of work to do. Markets are unforgiving, and whether housing is hot or cold right now, you can expect some wait time and some elbow grease to be parts of the equation. If you want to sell your house as quickly as possible, that means even more work. The good news is it’s all manageable as long as you know what to do. Here are 4 tips for selling your house quickly:

1. Make It Sparkle

No, this isn’t a reference to outdated vampire movies. Selling is all about psychology, and psychology tells us that dirty houses don’t sell well. You want to roll up the sleeves and do a deep clean that makes spring cleaning efforts look amateurish. Even when people don’t outright notice blemishes, they subconsciously get a bad feeling about the place. 

On top of cleaning, you want to get light into the house to the best of your ability. If natural light isn’t possible, get some stage lighting for your photos. Speaking of photos, they’re the most important tool for selling the house. Make them amazing. In fact, pay for a professional if you need to.

2. Get People in the Door

Open houses are great for this, but ultimately, people want a private showing of the house. The hardest and most important part is to be available for those showings. Everyone works during the same hours. You’re going to have to show the house late and on the weekends in order to accommodate quality buyers. It’s part of the gig. But a little stress means you can avoid the stress of having your house stuck on the market without offers. Sounds like a good trade.

3. Research Prices

It’s way too easy to get a Zestimate and call it sufficient. Zestimates are useful tools, but they don’t constitute market research. You want to see how much houses are selling for — not just their listing prices. Try to find houses that are comparable to yours and sold recently. Especially try to find houses as close to yours as possible. A few hours of market research will help you list your house for the right price.

Here’s the most important tip you’re going to read today. How much you want for the house doesn’t matter. What matters is what people will pay for it, and you find that through market research.

4. Stage It Well

Staging is trickier than a lot of first-time sellers realize. There’s a balance in the presentation. If rooms are empty, or even too bare, they prevent prospects from understanding the true value of the space. Conversely, if it’s too personalized, it won’t appeal to every buyer, and you could inadvertently lose good buyers. Everyone who buys a home ultimately makes changes, so de-emphasizing your personal touch is a good thing.

Finding this balance is tricky. It’s perfectly OK to copy what you see on home-buying TV shows or Pinterest. Staged, not empty and not too personal should be your mantra.

At the end of the day, there is no magic wand. You’re at the mercy of the buyers. Then again, there is an easy way to sell your house fast. You can contact Purple Mountain Holdings today. In four easy steps, you can have your Colorado Springs house sold for cash, and it can be done in a matter of days, not months. There’s no commitment, so feel free to get an offer and see if you like the easy way of selling a house.