We Buy Houses Fast For Cash in Stratmoor, CO

How to Sell Your House Fast in 4 Easy Steps

Sell your house to Purple Mountain holdings today.

Step 1 is the simplest: contact us. We’ll get down some basic info about your Stratmoor house and schedule a walkthrough. That’s Step 2.  We’ll take a look at the house to determine a fair offer. Step 3 is when we give you that offer. If you like it, we move to Step 4, where we finalize the sale. That’s it. That’s all it takes.

We Buy Stratmoor Houses in Any Condition

When it comes to buying houses for cash, we’re interested in all houses, and we really mean that. It doesn’t matter if it’s a brand-new build or literally condemned. We have an interest in every single house. Take a look at some of the kinds of houses we buy on a regular basis to see how serious we are.

Houses That Are Close to Foreclosure

Being in foreclosure is rough, but there are solutions to the problem. The state of Colorado guarantees you the right to try selling your house before it can be seized. We’ll take you through that process and help you out of a tough bind.

Houses That Need Extensive Repairs

Sometimes a house needs repairs that cost more than the home is worth. If you aren’t swimming in cash, that can be devastating news. With a cash sale, you can get the money you need to move into a new place.

Condemned Houses

When a house is condemned, there is little that most property owners can do to remedy the situation. We buy houses even when they’re condemned. We can get you cash for the property, and then it becomes our problem.

Houses in Good Condition

Could we really be considered property investors if we didn’t buy good houses? If you want to sell a house that is in great shape, we’ll happily make you an offer. We buy houses in good condition just as often as fixer-uppers.

You can get an offer from us entirely risk-free. Simply call (719) 476-2727 Purple Mountain Holdings today or fill out the online form. We’ll take you through the process, and you can see what offer you get before you have to make a decision about selling your house. Sell your house fast today by contacting us. We buy houses in Stratmoor, CO and the surrounding area.